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Blogbing Review | Blogbing Hosting Review after 4 Months Usage

Detailed Blogbing Review

Hello, Readers! If you are looking for the cheap and best hosting provider for your blog or website, then this article is for you. I am going to discuss a different hosting for bloggers, which is called Blogbing. In this article, I  am going to give you a complete Blogbing review. I am writing this Blogbing hosting review after 4 months of usage.

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For my website, I have chosen Blogbing. My site is managed by WordPress. So if you are a WordPress user, then I recommend you to shift your site to Blogbing to get a maximum of it. If you are new to all this stuff then first you should know how to get a WordPress website.

A great hosting will not only give your website a high speed, but it will also boost your Search Engine Optimization score. And Google will love your site.

I am using blogbing for last four months and believe me I have never seen such an excellent hosting service for my website. Before Blogbing, I have tried Godaddy, Hostgator and even Bluehost.

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And trust me I was not satisfied with any of these big brands. Specially Godaddy is killing. Also, the support provided by all these companies is worst.

Means first chat with them, stay in the queue, wait for a long time, and the process will go on. But, Blogbing is entirely different. They provide a completely different interface. So let me now give you a complete Blogbing review in detail.

Blogbing Review after using four months:

Blogbing Hosting Review: HomePage:

Unlike other hosting brands, you will not see lots of options and features in Blogbing official website. They kept it clean and straightforward to make it more user-friendly. As  you can see in the picture below:


Homepage only contains Features, Prices, Contact and little additional Information. All the extra stuff is removed to keep it simple.

How Blogbing Hosting is Different:

BlogBing is specially designed for Bloggers.  Its primary target is to provide perfect business management solutions for bloggers around the globe. As I mentioned, their website and dashboard are simple and easy to understand. We can perform various tasks from their panel.

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BlogBing is now doing business worldwide and loved by most of its users. They are currently introducing AI technology on their servers which will automatically resolve server issues without humans.

Blogbing is World 2nd Managed blog hosting platform after WordPress. One of the best thing about Blogbing is that Microsoft sponsors it.

Features of Blogbing Hosting: 

In this Blogbing Hosting review, now let’s discuss its features and optimization techniques which they are using to make it World’s best Hosting platform for bloggers.

1. Blogbing Hosting Review: Leading Cloud Framework: The most significant thing about Blogbing is that all blogs you will host in it are directly hosted by Microsoft Azure which most advanced Cloud Infrastructure in the World. Microsoft Azure is perfect Load Balancers, and of course, it will give you maximum uptime and speed.


2. Ultimate Leading Technology: Most advanced technology powers all Blogbing servers with HHVM, PHP 7, Nginx, MariaDB, Redis Caching and a lot more. They always keep them updated with latest technologies. So, no worries about old server technologies which are still used by other hosting brands.

3. Supreme Speed Boost: Donest matter from where your visitors are. Blogbing is using it own CDN+ technology with over 102 data centers worldwide. Your visitors will never face any downtime and speed related issues.

4. Fully Optimized Caching for Blogs: They are using most advanced Caching infrastructure with & layers of caching to provide the best speed and cache optimization to the users. I am using WordPress and guess what? Not using any Cache plugin for my website and getting maximum cache advantages without a plugin.


5. Blogbing User Dashboard: Blogbing Dashboard is entirely different from other hosting sites. It is effortless and neat. You can efficiently manage your blog from here. It also provides various stats like Facebook Likes, Google Plus Followers, Twitter Followers, Google analytics status, DA, PA and Alexa rank of the website. As shown below:

Blogbing Review: Dashboard Inside Features: 

We also have some options on the left side. Let’s discuss them one by one.

Credentials contain all the usernames and passwords for File Manager, phpMyAdmin, and WordPress. So, if you need any of them, you can see here.

-Backups contain all daily backups which are taken automatically. In case you need to restore your website to the previous version you can select any backup file from here.

-DNS Management: You need to contact them to perform any DNS action.

6. Fastest Blog Migration: If you already have a blog with another hosting then Blogbing team will migrate it to other hosting servers to their servers with zero downtime.

You just need to give them some information details about old hosting like username and password etc. All your credentials will be safe. So, no need to worry.

7. Free SSL Certificate: As you know SSL Certificates are very much compulsory nowadays. Blogbing provides you free SSL Certificate signed by LetsEncrypt. They will automatically install it on your site. You don’t even need to ask them for SSL.

8. 24/7 Support Available: Support is managed by Saurabh Chauhan who is the co-founder of the company. He replies instantly, and you don’t have to wait in the queue.

You can contact him via Email, Facebook Chat, WhatsApp and even call him directly. He will solve your any kind issue within minutes. For his support, I will give him 10/10.

Blogbing Review: Plans & Pricing: 

Blogbing has two different plan categories which are Starter, and another is Premium. Both the plan’s methods come in the monthly and Annually Billing system. Let’s Discuss them below:

Starter Plan: It is for start-up bloggers who are starting their sites. Select from various price range starting from 99/- per month(with annual plans) to 349/- if signed up for the yearly plan. As shown below:

The very basic plan comes with the limit of 5K Visitors per month. 1GB of storage and host one website only.

Premium Plan: Select from various price range starting from 799/- per month and 2899/- if signed up for the annual plan. You can have your custom plan too. As shown below:


Blogbing Hosting Review for My Website:

I am using Blogbing for last four months and performance grade is always A. I am using a weighty theme on my website but Blogbing is handling it very efficiently.

Even the website speed is super awesome. Let me show you some screenshots of Pingdom and GTmetrix which make you clear about my website performance.

Speed test using GtMetrix: 


Speed test using Pingdom Tools: 


Before Blogbing even with Hostgator Cloud Hosting my website performances are worst. I can improve my website performance even more, but I am using various plugins to enhance the functionality of my website. So, completely satisfied with the results.

Sign up for Blogbing

Now let’s quickly cover signup procedure in Blogbing review guide. The signup process is straightforward. You just need to signup and make the payment. That’s it!

Now they will do all the tasks for you. You just need to instruct them. Tell them any job, and they will do it for you in no time.

Advantages of Blogbing Hosting:

  • 100% Uptime: I monitored my website for 15 days and got 100% uptime.
  • Website Security: All the websites are hosted on Microsoft Azure. No need to worry about Security.
  • Brilliant Cache System: 7 layers Cache system which will boost your website entirely.
  • Customer Support: Brilliant support via WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Direct Call. No need to wait in the queue.
  • First Aid Server Bot with Artificial Intelligence: They are using very advanced server healing technology, which is capable of healing servers issues under 120 seconds. They do not depend upon human efforts, and AI is continuously monitoring all the blogs. If any problem occurs, the server bot will fix it by applying multiple solutions according to the issue.

Disadvantages of Blogbing Hosting:

In my four months of experience, I didn’t notice any significant drawback of Blogbing. The only thing which needs to improve that you have limited access to the backend of your hosting. But they will fix it soon.


So guys, if you are looking for a budget oriented top quality hosting then Sign Up for Blogbing now and feel the difference. In this guide of Blogbing review I have covered the  following topics:

  • Introducing Blogbing
  • HomePage Review
  • Blogbing Features
  • Plans and Pricing
  • My experience with Blogbing
  • Advantages of Blogbing
  • Disadvantages of Blogbing
  • Sign up Process

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If you have any difficulty or any question or any error in this Blogbing review, then please tell me via Comments. I will help you in each step.

Blogbing Rating:
  • Speed
  • Caching
  • Load Time
  • Pricing
  • Support
  • Google Speed Test
  • Pingdom Test
  • Gtmetrix Test
  • SSL Security
  • Backup Facility


All the articles are rated after a long research and discussions. If you find any wrong information in these, please let me know through comments. Also, please rate this article to make it trustful for others!

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