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Akshay Verma

Hold On! Before You Go, Check the Following Terms

  • No Duplicate Content: If we found your content to be copied or spin or modified, we will reject it.
  • Post Length: Keep post length above 1000 words. Below this, we will not accept.
  • Quality: Provide content in the form of tutorials or informative. Writing anything is not allowed.
  • Niche: Article must be in the niche or Digital Marketing, WordPress, Blogging, Hosting, Make Money Online.
  • SEO Optimized: Proper Meta Titles, Headings, and Sub-Headings, Readability Score, user-friendly content is required.
  • Multimedia: Use proper images and videos. (Copyright content is prohibited).
  • Backlinks: One backlink per article. No-Follow for first 5 articles. If all goes well then we will give you Do-Follow backlinks.

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