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How to Improve Domain Authority | 5 Best Ways to Boost DA

Boost Domain Authority with Simple Guide

Nobody likes low Domain Authority(DA). After all,  DA is one of the major ranking factors. In this tutorial, I will tell you how to improve domain authority.

As we all know there are millions of websites on the Internet.  Now how search engines will find that which one is good and which one is not.

To find that, search engines use various aspects. Domain Authority is one of them and one of the top priority. So, let me first tell you about Domain Authority below:

What is Domain Authority: 

It is a statical measure used to determine the reputation of the website. Provided by SEOMoz also called MOZ. It will be a statical number from 1 to 100. More the number better will increase the reputation and ranking.

DA tells search engines that how good and well reputed your website is. To have good DA, you must take care of various elements which I will discuss in this post.

If the proper strategy is followed, then it is effortless to achieve DA up to 40. But after 60, it is quite difficult to increase it more. Or you can say the process will become extremely slow.

Importance of DA:

DA is a significant factor which will help in website ranking. If your DA is more than 60, then it is tough for competitors to beat your website in search engine result page.

Domain Authority vs. Page Authority: 

DA and PA are two different things.  PA is ranking potential of a single page whereas DA tells us about the overall ranking potential of the entire domain.

PA is also a statical number from 1 to 100. Like DA, if PA is high then your page will rank well in search engine result page.

Domain Authority Checker: 

Before start working on DA first step is to check your present DA. If your domain is brand new, then its DA must be 1. If you are not sure about domain age, then check it first. Follow is the procedure to check DA and then we will discuss various steps to improve Domain Authority:

1. First, go to this link, and you will see the page like below:


2. Insert your domain as shown above. Always insert domain with HTTP or HTTPS protocol. After that click on CHECK AUTHORITY button. Your DA and PA rank will be displayed like below:


Having DA above 20 is right. But if you want to rank your site higher then make it at least 60.

How to Improve Domain Authority with to 5 Methods: 

Before working on DA, you must have a website. If you are new to website building then first learn to make a website with WordPress.

Improving Domain Authority is a tough task. It is a long-term procedure. Following are the different ways which will surely boost your website Domain Authority:

1. How to Improve Domain Authority with Unique and Quality Content: 

Content is the key to success. If you a blogger then you should know the importance of content. If your content is unique and engaging, then it will boost your site score.

Before writing any article do some research. Check the competition also. I recommend you to use Google Keyword Planner to get some ideas.


Write a long and detailed article. It will help you in engaging users on your website. If your users are staying longer on your site, then it will reduce the bounce rate of your website.

Make sure that your focus keyword density must not exceed than 2.5% of total words. It is recommended by Yoast that keep keyword density up to 2.5%.

Never copy content from other websites. After all, Google is watching everything. If you copy lots of content from other sites, then Google Penguin will hit your website, and all your ranking will be lost.

2. How to Improve Domain Authority with On-Page SEO: 

What if you have some articles but none of them are optimized for SEO? Well, Google will never rank your website in the proper position. Following are the details to optimize your articles:

  1. Title Length: Keep your title length up to 70 characters. Google recommends it. Only 70 characters will be displayed in search engine result page. Also, include the main keyword in the title.
  2. Meta Description: Meta description is a brief intro to the article. Keep it up to 160 characters. It will be displayed with Title in search engine results.
  3. Keyword Density: As mentioned above also keep keyword density between .5% to 2.5%. If you exceed, it will cause keyword stuffing. Always use long-tail keywords in your article.
  4. Article Length: If possible, keep your article as long as possible. I recommend making it 1200-3500 words long to keep your readers engaged.
  5. Heading Tags: Use heading tags from H1-H6.  But keep in mind that do not include more than 300 words in any heading or subheading.
  6. URL Structure: Keep your URL as clean as possible. A suitable structure is Use this type of structure.
  7. Images with ALT Tag: It is highly recommended to use pictures or other multimedia items in your articles to make them more interesting. Also, add ALT Tags to all the images.
  8. Internal Links: Keep internal links in your article which points to another article on your website. Internal links help in providing more information to the reader.

3. How to  Improve Domain Authority with High-Quality Backlinks:

Backlinks are the backbone of any site. If you have quality backlinks(DoFollow+NoFollow) then you DA will automatically get improved.

Building backlinks is not a simple task. It is also a long-term process. I highly recommend getting backlinks from high PR sites only.


Backlinks from low or irrelevant sites are not good, and Google Panda update will kick your website from search engine result page.

The best ways to improve your backlinks profile are:

  1. Guest Posting
  2. Blog Commenting
  3. PDF & PPT Sharing
  4. Social Bookmarking
  5. Business Listing etc.

Use above methods and start earning right quality backlinks. Once your backlinks profile is strong, your DA will increase automatically.

4. Removing Bad Links to Improve Domain Authority:

Bad links cause a negative impact on your search engine ranking. As mentioned above remove all bad links coming from low PR sites or irrelevant sites.

Also, perform check for broken links on your website. If you found broken links on the site, then remove then remove them immediately.

5. Immediate Content Updating to Improve Domain Authority:

If you are serious about Blogging, then make a habit of updating your website daily with new content. I know it’s not easy, but if you do so, the DA of the site will increase quickly.

If you update your site daily, then Google will love your website. If you update your website once a week, then you will still get benefits but don’t go more than that.

6. Other Tips to Improve Domain Authority:

Apart from above we also have some different ways to improve DA of any website. I am listing them all below:

  1. Internal Linking: Keep internal links in your article so that your readers can get more content on a single page.
  2. Domain Age: Let your domain grow old. More the age more will be the DA.
  3. Content Share: Once you start publishing your content on a daily basis, start sharing it on different social media websites.
  4. Content Marketing: If you know about content marketing then go for it. If you are new to blogging, then skip it for now.


So, in this guide to Improve Domain Authority, I  have covered many topics which I am listing below to make you sure that you have gone through all of above:

  1. About Domain Authority
  2. Importance of Domain Authority
  3. DA vs. PA
  4. Domain Authority Checker
  5. How to improve domain authority

Follow the above guide on how to improve domain authority for your site. If you have any doubts or suggestions about the article, then please let me know through the comments 🙂

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