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Search Engine Optimization for Website is a set of methods for optimizing a website or web page to rank better in Search Engine result pages.

Not only web page but we can also perform SEO operations for small or significant business websites, depend upon requirements.

If you are using the Internet to search various topics then you have good knowledge of Search Engine Optimization then you think. Whenever we seek anything in Search Engine like Google, we get thousands of search results.

For example, if I search “What is Search Engine Optimization?” then a lot of results will appear in search engine result page. As shown below:


In this image, I am showing you the top 6 results which are appearing on the very first page of Search Engine results. So, how these are appearing first? Why not others?

The reason is these pages are fully optimized for Search Engine Optimization by applying various techniques to them. These methods are used according to the guidelines provided by Search Engines.

Different Forms of Search Engine Optimization for Website:

We have two different types of SEO:

  1. OnPage Search Engine Optimization
  2. Off-Page Search Engine Optimization

OnPage Search Engine Optimization:

In this kind of Search Engine Optimization for Website, we optimize a specific web page or pages to rank higher in Search Engine results. The primary motive of this is to drive maximum traffic to the website.

With this type of Search Engine Optimization, we can get good traffic to our website and can generate good revenue from ads, affiliate marketing, etc.

Various techniques to perform OnPage SEO are:

Good Article Title:

The title plays a vital role in OnPage Search Engine Optimization. If the title is according to Search Engine guidelines then apparently it is a plus point for page SEO.

The title length must not be less than 30 characters and must not exceed 70 characters. If you exceed 70 characters, then it will make a negative impact on Search Engine Optimization performance of the page.

The keyword is important:

The keyword is a phrase or word which user enters in Search Engine to get desired results. Keyword tells search Engine about your article. It tells Search Engine that what is an article about? Use proper density of keyword in your article.

Do not write your keyword too many times or Search Engine will degrade your page from ranking. Usually, 2.5% density is enough. It means if your article has 300 words then include your primary keyword for the maximum five times.

Include your keyword in the first paragraph, headings(H1-H6), images and most importantly, in the starting of the title of the page.

Good URL Structure:

An SEO friendly URL structure is fundamental. Here I am giving you three example of URL structure. You should use the first one for all your posts or pages. So following are the examples:

  2. structure)
  3. structure)

As you can see, first one looks simple, easy to understand and Search Engine Optimization friendly. So always go for this arrangement. I suggest you not to go for 2nd and 3rd example. They are not Search Engine Optimization friendly.

Using Heading Tags:

To make your article more attractive, always use different Heading Tags in it. You can use from H1 to H6 as per your need. Provide various headings inside the Heading Tags.

Adding Media: 

It is always recommended to add some images or videos to your articles to make them more interactive and user-friendly. Pictures and Videos keep visitors focus for a long time.

Avoid plagiarism while adding the media to your article. It means if you are copying an image or video from another website then provide a source URL with it. Do not directly copy and paste.

Article Length:

Article length is an important factor also. Minimum recommended words for a typical article is 300. More the words in the article more the Search Engine will like it.

Having Unique Content: 

Content is the lifeline of any article. Google Search Engine loves unique and high-quality content. Never copy-paste any article from any other website.

This will make your content plagiarized, and you will not rank in Search Engine results. But if in any case, you have to copy from another site then do leave a source like to the original page.

Other Factors: 

Other factors which are responsible for OnPage Search Engine Optimization are:

  • Including outgoing links to other articles
  • Avoid Grammatical mistakes
  • Proper ALT tags in images
  • Good Meta Description
  • Optimizing Images for Different Sizes
  • Sitemaps, Robots.txt files

OffPage Search Engine Optimization for Website: 

OffPage optimization refers to the techniques which we do not perform on any page or article. This method includes external tasks like:

  • Building Links
  • Marketing in Social Media
  • Social Bookmarking

The importance of Link Building: 

Link building is one of the most potent ways of off page Search Engine Optimization. In this, we will create many external links to our website or web page. Each incoming link to our site will act as a vote for us.

If more links are coming to our website, then we have good chances to gain a higher rank in Search Engine result page. We can use different techniques to use build links like:

  • Blog Directories
  • Forums
  • Blog Commenting
  • Link Exchange
  • Guest Posts etc

Social Media Techniques for Search Engine Optimization for Website: 

It refers to sharing your content on the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Blogger, etc. You just write an article and leave a link in social media profiles.

Users will click on the link, and you can get thousands of visitors to your site. It depends on your followers and friend lists.

Social Bookmarking for Search Engine Optimization for Website:

Social Bookmarking is an old but also a useful technique to gain visitors to our site. We can use a website like Reddit, StumbleUpon, and also to perform social bookmarking actions.

So, this is about the Search Engine Optimization techniques which we are using nowadays. Apart from these, we have few other types of White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO.

I recommend that never go for Black Hat techniques. Google updates like Panda and Penguin can anytime punish your website for using Black Hat Search Engine Optimization techniques. Always stay honest to your work and use White Hat Search Engine Optimization methods.

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